Question of a Small Child

Children have amazing insights and questions about heaven.  These questions make us think about things we had not ever thought about before.  Here is one question and the simple answer of a child about heaven.Miriam Oyler shared this with me recently:

“Olivia, my daughter, asked me tonight:

“When I get to heaven will I still be a child?”

“Do you WANT to be a child?” I asked?

“Yes, she replied…because I want to be able to run and “Plop” down on Jesus’ lap!  When you’re an adult, you don’t do things like that!”

Hmmm…something to ponder

Out of the mouth of babes your praise is perfected!!

Lord, keep my heart like a child’s!!

With Love and Compassion,

Ps.  Click here to listen to a beautiful song called “Jesus Is Coming Soon”.

Posted Sept. 3, 2009

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