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Hello from Susan Holsinger~
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

I love roses… especially pink roses!

They speak a special message to my heart.

That message is love…

They also remind me of a beautiful baby I held in my arms for a very short time.  Then death happened…
Without warning…


Death… the word itself sounds so final!
Death… brings a reality you can’t escape from!
Death… crushing hopes and dreams!

I had been married 2 years when our first daughter; Bethany, was born after a normal pregnancy and delivery.  She had lots of black curly hair and captured our hearts with her first cry.  Unknown to us at the time was the fact she had no air sacs where her lungs were supposed to be.  Our joy turned to grief a short hour and a half later when she died.

The pain was real.
The devastation of hopes and dreams of this life became a crushing reality.
Eternal shores beckoned…

That was almost 30 years ago!  Click here to read her story.

I became an avid supporter of reaching out to others who experienced the death of a baby or child.  I wondered if they would experience some of the same things I did?  I was saddened and surprised to discover how quickly people forgot.  Did I dream she was here or was she really here?!  I found out they wanted to speak their child’s name and share their story with someone who understood the hurt and pain.

In 2009 an idea began to form in my mind…
What would it be like to work with people who are grieving?
Not just people who are grieving the death of a child… but people who are grieving the death of a dear loved one?
To make a difference in the quality of their life… to bring hope and comfort?
I had already been doing this… but somehow I wanted to offer more!

And just like that I decided not to keep thinking about it but to get into action.
I decided to start my own business ~ ~ ~
“Where each grief is unique and no loss glossed over!”

I work with people who are devastated by loss and grief.
I help them say goodbye to the pain that holds them hostage so they can love, trust and enjoy life again.

Many people would quickly tell you how to fix a broken leg.
Can they tell you as quickly how to heal a broken heart?

Getting into action was a very big task!
I wasn’t sure where to begin?!

I wanted to offer more than hope!
I wanted to offer something that really worked…
I thought surely there is a method to this madness!!
I just had to find it…

Find it I did.
I am thrilled to say there is a method to the intensity of grief.
There is hope!
Broken hearts can be healed!

The easiest way to get started is to give me a call @ 765-379-3722.
I will set up a time where we can talk about where you are right now and how I can help you.
You can go HERE and fill out this form to get in touch with me, too.

Some additional things you might want to know:

When I started Good Grief and You I literally started at ground zero.
I had not been using the internet very long and certainly had no idea how to create my own website!
The only thing I had was a passionate desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

I learned!  I designed a header for my website.
I worked on creating a logo and a message.
I learned about html code and many things about how my website works that are too numerous to mention!
At the same time I started working on a book idea.
I hired a print-on-demand publisher for my book.
Some lessons I learned the hard way!
I fired my publisher after working with them a year and being no closer to having a book ready to be published!

Along the way I hired several coaches.
The pieces of the puzzle kept coming together.

I started working with a new Print-On-Demand publisher.
I took certification classes for the Grief Recovery Method and became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.
I have two books that are published and available here and on amazon.com.
I am working on a third book!

Other points of Interest:

Grief Relief Sessions ~ No criticizing, analyzing, judging or fixing!
A tried and proven method that supports you in healing your hurt and pain.
You are not crazy!  You can live, love and laugh again!
Say goodbye forever to the pain holding you hostage

Share your Story ~ Let your voice be heard…
Submit your story and I will publish it on my website.
I welcome all stories of grief and loss.
Young children and babies will be posted in Lit’l Angel Visits.
All other stories will be posted in the “In Memory Of” section.

Gift Shop ~Just for you…
Exclusive gifts, including Books, Journals, CD’s, Grief Kits, Caricature Portraits, and Grief Sessions.
Designed specifically for the grieving heart.

Card Program ~Does it ever bother you that people seem to forget your loved one?
Choose 5 dates you want “someone” to remember your loved one… receive a card on those special days when no oneelse seems to remember.

“My Little Angel” a 84 page interactive journal for parents who have experienced the unthinkable~ the death of their child.  Includes places for everything you want to remember about your loved one, actions to move forward through the grieving process and much more!

Check us out on Facebook:
Good Grief and You ~ ~ ~
Susan Holsinger Prayer Request Journal ~ ~ ~

It is important to communicate what is in your grieving heart so you can heal and live life with passion again….
I know the importance of remembering…and the blessing that comes with releasing.
I look forward to meeting you~
Feel free to drop in anytime to keep current on what’s happening!
I love to hear from you and welcome your comments on any posts.
You just never know when your comment will touch someone’s heart.
With Love and Compassion,
Susan Holsinger,
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with Good Grief and You

Susan’s Family
Susan married Philip Holsinger April 5, 1981
Bethany Marie
born March 26, 1983, lived 1 1/2 hrs.
Carl Blaine
born March 3, 1985
Carl married Jennifer Brovont June 13, 2009
New Grandbaby anticipated in May 2012.
Helen Renee
born June 2, 1987
Helen married Naaman Brubaker Mar. 24, 2007
Granddaughter Malena Renee born May 17, 2008
Grandson Malachi Eugene born June 8, 2010.
Keriann Louise born Nov. 23, 1989
Rochelle Irene born Oct. 21, 1992
Mark Philip born Feb. 21, 1995

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