Lit’l Angel Visits

“Some people only dream of angels…
I held one in my arms!”

Some Angel visits may have been brief…
Some Angel visits may have been a few
months or a year…
Every Angel that visited made an impact
on people’s lives…
Angel messages are very special…

To share your story,
please send it to me via email:
Please include pictures if desired.
I will post your story as soon as possible.

Your story will appear on a separate page with your child’s name
under this page tab “Lit’l Angel Visits”.
I will let you know when your story is on my website.
Please take a look at the various stories already posted!
Other stories of grief and loss can be found under the tab “In Memory Of . . .”.

Links to stories found in “Lit’l Angel Visits”.

Bethany’s Story ~ newborn angelĀ

Alex’s Story ~ stillborn angelĀ

Sheridan’s Story ~ coming soon!

Deborah’s Story ~ coming soon!

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