Tamera ~ Best Friend

Her name was Tamera…

I don’t remember when we first met.

I do remember the instant connection we both felt and the
heart-to-heart connection we shared until the day she died.

In our teenage days we had double dates and spent as much time together as we could.  She lived in Kansas and I lived in Indiana.  We went back and forth to church meetings and youngfolk gatherings.  We had double dates.  Her boyfriend lived in Indiana and was my cousin.
I went with him a lot when he went to see her.
We always had a blast!

Then she broke up with her boyfriend and I broke up with mine and then we didn’t see each other as much as we did before.  We did not have cell phones in those days so we wrote many letters back and forth and called each other occasionally.  She sent the most beautiful cards to me…

Then I started dating and got married.  She helped at my wedding.  It was a couple years afterward that she married and moved to the state of California.  We still saw each other occasionally at church functions and would have a few brief moments of intense heart-to-heart talk.  She became the mother of three children, 2 girls and a boy.  Her and her husband moved north to Washington state a few years later.  We did visit them while they lived in California when we traveled to California on the train in 1989.

It didn’t seem to matter how long of a time passed since we last talked or saw each other we always loved spending a few quick moments at church gatherings whenever we got the opportunity.  I loved her like a sister…

Then came the Fall of 2003.  She had just turned 40 in July.
I remember how devastated I was to get the news that she had a brain tumor and it was the worst kind.
Surgery was not an option.
Treatment was not an option.
No known treatment worked on this kind of brain tumor.
Her children were 16, 14, and 11.

Tamera accepted this earth shattering news with equanimity and grace.
Prayer chains were started and everyone wanted her to be healed!
She made it known that either way she would win.
If God chose to heal her by restoring her health; she was a winner.
If God chose to heal her by giving her a new body; she was a winner!
The faith she had in Jesus Christ her Savior was a beautiful inspiration and blessing to all who knew her.
I had the privilege of talking to Tamera several times before she died and kept in touch with her husband and Mother.

Loving hearts and hands cared for her and took care of her family as she gradually “let go” of time and timely things.
The day she died in March 2004 was a very sad day for me…
I did not get to go to her funeral.  I really did want to… but it didn’t work out for me.
I couldn’t seem to stop the flow of tears that day, either!
I was mentally, physically and emotionally worn out from caring for my Mother-in-law 24/7 who died in February and it seemed like the tears just wouldn’t stop!

I think of her often with loving thoughts and fond memories and look forward when we shall clasp glad hands again on heaven’s beautiful shore.  I cherish the moments we were blessed to share and know eternity will reveal an aspect to the love we shared that will be better than anything we experienced here.
I miss her beautiful smile.
I miss her prayers and unconditional love.
I miss her joyous presence.
I thank the Lord for blessing me with her friendship…

Precious memories ~ how they linger,
Written with love by Susan

One of her favorite Bible Verses was Romans 8:28.
And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God,
to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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