In Memory Of

True Stories ~ ~ ~
Of those we remember and love . . .

Every person’s story is
different and unique…
Not to be compared with another.
However, the lessons we
can learn from others is valuable.

May these stories inspire your
heart and soul and give you courage
to keep on keeping on…
To endure the heartache and pain…

To find relief and recovery for your soul that gives
you freedom to live, and to love and do it passionately!

To share memories of your loved one, please send it to me via email:
Please include pictures, favorite scripture verses and what really helped you
through this roller-coaster ride!
I will post your story as soon as possible.

Your story will appear on a separate page with your loved one’s name
under this page tab “In Memory Of . . .”.
I will let you know when your story is on my website.
Please take a look at the various stories already posted!
You can find them under the tab “In Memory Of . . .”.

Click on the Links below to read each story:
Or go to the tab “In Memory Of…”

Tamera’s Story ~ Best Friend  

More coming soon!

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