How Far is Heaven?

How far is Heaven? I asked myself this many times after my baby died.

A couple months had passed since my baby died…
I was in the kitchen cleaning up the supper dishes and singing.   I love to sing!  😮

The song I was singing was one I remembered from my childhood. It was on an old 45 record my Dad used to have. The song was written about a little girl who had lost her Daddy and she was asking her Mommy…how far is Heaven?

I do not remember the words to the actual song but I do remember the chorus. I’ve included the video of this song here and at the end of this post.

Tonight I made up my own words.
They went like this…
How far is Heaven?
Please take me there….
To see my Bethany…
She’s there, I know…..

How far is Heaven?
Let’s go tonight….
I want to hold….
My Bethany tight….

Oh how I did long at times to hold her tight!!!  If only for five minutes!
This feeling was very real….even though I knew she was in Heaven with Jesus.

It brought comfort to my heart to know that Jesus understood….
He understood my pain…
He understood my Mother heart and why I longed to hold my baby tight.

And I was comforted…

I felt His comforting presence and His gentle reminders when He spoke to me of a blessed time in the future when I will get to hold my baby tight…. forever!
To know that He understood helped me keep moving forward through the pain of not getting to hold her tight right now.

It was just a little song…but it expressed my deep heartache and pain…
I felt relieved to express my pain in this way…  I did not think it was strange or presumptuous to wish I could hold my sweet baby Bethany again for just 5 minutes.

I knew Jesus understood then…
I know He still understands today…

There is no shame in expressing exactly how you feel to Him…
Because He understands….and if you let Him…
He will heal your hurting heart and pour in the oil of comfort and consolation.

You do not have to suffer in silence…
You do not have to feel alone….

You do have choices….
You can choose to talk to someone who has experienced this deep heartache.
You can choose to work through this and experience the joys of life again.

You can find comfort and meaning in an experience that has left you bruised, shattered and broken. Misery is optional… Others have experienced what you have experienced.

I am one who had this experience, too… just like you…
I often wished for someone who understood my thoughts and feelings.
That’s one of the reasons you are reading this… I have been through this and I care about what’s happening in your life. I know how painful this can be.

If you feel misunderstood and like no one wants to talk about this anymore; I am here for you.  Helping you through the pain and hurt is one of my specialties.
With Love and Compassion,

July 27, 2010

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