Holding On Tight

I read a story recently about a little girl whose name was Jenny.
She saw a cheap string of pearls in a store window and asked her mother if she might buy them.
Her mother told her she could buy them with the birthday money she received from her grandmother.  Since the cost of the string of pearls was more than the money she would receive from her grandmother Jenny needed to earn extra money.

The fact that they weren’t real pearls didn’t matter to Jenny.
She was quite the industrious 5 year old… doing odd jobs for the neighbors and extra chores for her mother.  At last Jenny had saved enough money to buy this beautiful string of pearls.

It was a match made in heaven!
Jenny wore her pearls everywhere, and all the time.The only time she didn’t wear them was when she went swimming or took a bath.
She felt so dressed up when she wore them…

Jenny was very privileged to have a Daddy that loved her very, very much.
Every night he would tuck her in to bed and read her a bedtime story.

One night, after reading the bedtime story, Jenny’s father asked Jenny…
“Jenny, Do you love me?”
To which Jenny quickly replied, “Oh, yes, Daddy, I love you very much!”
Her father then said, “Jenny, may I have your pearls?”

Jenny quickly responded, “Oh, Daddy, not my pearls! You can have my favorite white horse.  You know the one with the pink tail?”

Jenny’s father replied, “That’s ok, I love you!”  He kissed Jenny on the cheek and said goodnight.

A week passed… The bedtime story was read, and Jenny’s father asked the same question…
“Jenny, Do you love me?”
Again Jenny quickly replied, “Yes, Daddy, I love you!”

“May I have your pearls?”
Oh Daddy, not my pearls!!  You can have my brand new baby doll I got for my birthday with the yellow blanket that matches her sleeper.

“That’s ok… Jenny, sleep well and God Bless you” replied Jenny’s father.  As always he leaned over and tenderly kissed her on the cheek.

A few nights passed and Jenny’s father came into Jenny’s room.
Jenny was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed.  He noticed a tear rolling down her cheek as he came closer.  “What is it Jenny, what’s wrong?” he asked.

Jenny didn’t say anything… just put out her hand and opened it into her father’s hand.
The pearl necklace!!
With a little quiver Jenny said, “It’s for you, Daddy.”

Jenny’s father felt the tears come to his own eyes as he took the dime store necklace.  With his other hand he reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a blue velvet bag.  Inside the blue velvet bag Jenny found a genuine string of pearls…

Jenny’s father had them the whole time…
He was just waiting for Jenny to give up the cheap imitation purchased at the dime store so he could give her a genuine treasure.  So like our heavenly Father.  What is it you are holding on to?

This story reminds me of what happens if we hold on tight to what we think is ours.
Until we let go we will not experience the great blessing that is ready and waiting.

To have loved and lost is better than to not love at all…
May we realize when we are holding on tightly and willingly let go.

It is then we will fly…
Because when you let something go, it will return again to you!

Nothing is ever lost… it is just absent.
There is no such thing as darkness… just an absence of light.
There is no such thing as cold… just an absence of heat.
There is no such thing as death… just life in a different form.

Let it go…. whatever you are holding on to so tightly.
The blessing will be yours!

With Love and Compassion,
Susan Holsinger

Ps.  I love to write Ps. 🙂  It’s like adding a footnote that is very important!
I’ve been privileged to hear many motivational speakers.
Here is a link to one I really like!  http://youtu.be/jpFpcPm8c1s

Posted Oct. 8, 2009

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