Grieving can have a very strong
physical affect on your body.

Each one of us is uniquely made of body, soul and spirit.
Your body is dealing with the intensity of your emotions during the grieving process and so is your soul and spirit….

As you go through the grieving process you may notice you are prone to just not feeling good…

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In our newsletter each week there is a specific journal topic suggested as a way to encourage you to journal and express your thoughts and feelings.
Journaling is a powerful way to give your grief a voice…
Especially when you feel so misunderstood.

I found an online journal that is really neat!  (Saves paper!)

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Penzu also offers a Pro option which offers more creativity.
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Susan’s Squidoo Lens
This is where I started writing my story when I decided
to start Good Grief and You.
You will find articles I’ve written here
including pictures, videos and more.

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mike dooley
An Inspirational Message I enjoy comes from Mike Dooley.

His messages make me laugh yet inspire me at the same time.

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