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Are you tired of the merry-go-round of grief?
Are you worn out from being held a hostage to your grief?
Are you ready to know what to do to get relief so you can heal your broken heart?
I have helped others…
I can help you, too…

Grief Relief and Recovery with Susan ~ Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Your grief is unique… but you don’t have to suffer alone ANYMORE!
What you can expect in Grief Relief Sessions:

* 3 things you Can do Right Now to help you get Relief
* Do you have PLOM Disease?
* 7 Secrets Grief taught Me
* how to Play the Glad Game
* What is a Grieving Process?
* Dealing with things People Say
* Tips on Getting through the First Year
* how to Ask for Support and get it
* Making Holidays a Special Occasion
* Effective ways to Communicate with those you Love
* Creating Meaning and Purpose for your Life
* Dealing with others who are affected by your loss and grief, too
* Moving forward
* Making memories
* Creating Keepsakes
* Leaving a Legacy
* and much MORE . . .

Call Susan to schedule a Grief Session @ 765-379-3722.
You can also send a message to Susan via Skype.
Go to to sign up for a free account.
When you get a free account with Skype then we can talk for free.
To contact me via Skype add me as a Contact via susan.irene63

Please copy and paste the form below into an email
your answers and send it to
You can also copy and paste the form and send it via Skype.
Our goal is to call within 24 hours to schedule a Grief Session with you.

(Copy and paste the information below and send it in an email to me.)
“Your grief is unique… what is your story?”

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What happened?
Death of Loved One     Widow     Spouse Related     Divorce Related
Teenage Related     Health Related     Work Related     Family Related
Miscarriage      Stillbirth      Live birth      Neonatal death
Adoption      Abortion     Pet Related
Other (please explain)

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