Colors, Colors, Everywhere!

Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple … the colors of the rainbow.  Colors can play an important role in healing as you go through the grieving process.  Scientists have discovered colors affect how we think and feel.  Did you know red is stimulating and energizing?  Discover the impact colors have on your brain…  Discover the special messages our brain transmits when seeing these colors, what happens when you are in a room with certain colors, and much MORE!

Have you ever noticed that certain colors affect the way you think or feel?
Many times we do not even notice or pay close attention to colors.  Some days we pick out a blue shirt and other days we choose a yellow one.  A sunshiny day puts a spring into our step while a cloudy, gloomy day can make us want to go back to bed!  We may notice brilliant splashes of color in flowers, leaves, butterflies, and nature’s palette without giving much thought to the affect color really has in our lives.

Scientists have determined we react to colors in various ways and each color actually transmits a special message to the brain.  Our kids had a lot of fun with this idea with a little color experiment they did in Science class.  Let’s see how you do with this experiment.

Say 5, 55, 555
Say 5, 55, 555
Say 5, 55, 555
Say 5, 55, 555
Say 5, 55, 555
Say 5, 55, 555
Say 5, 55, 555
Name the first vegetable that comes to your mind.

What was the vegetable that came to your mind?  Many people say carrots or a vegetable that is the color orange. Why? The brain associates the number 5 with the color orange!  Interesting, huh!?

Here are some things you might want to know about colors and how they affect you.  This can help you in the healing and grieving process as you grieve for the one you love.

Red is stimulating and energizing.  Red enhances self assurance.  Red produces an illusion of fantasy.  Red can promote opposition in others.  If you want to get attention, feel powerful and dominate…red is the color for you!  Red also symbolizes love.  It is a hot, passionate color.  Red has been said to increase the appetite.  (That might be handy to know if you’re wanting to reduce your weight!!)  A red dining room may encourage overeating.  A red bedroom may keep you from sleeping because your brain is overstimulated.  A red car gives confidence just like a red dress.

Orange is a very high energy color giving boldness and distinction.  Orange is an anti-depressant that stimulates the mind.  Orange is about being different.  Orange is also the color of love.  Yet a little less serious and a little more fun.  Anyone with a desire to add a little pizazz and purpose to life can do this with a little orange!

Yellow rejuvenates and balances the mind.  It wipes out feelings of gloom and doom.  Yellow is a sunny, reflective, thoughtful color.  Yellow lifts the mood to be positive, hopeful and optimistic.

Green is relaxing and tranquil to the eyes.  Green reduces stress and brings feelings of tranquility. It presents natural healing and balance. Wear it to inspire harmony in others and restore your energy. Green is the second most popular color. Green is symbolic of faithfulness, unity and hope. Green represents dependability and tactfulness.  Green is quick to help others even at their own expense.

Blue is the color of peace and tranquility.  An excellent choice in increasing spiritual meditation and healing.  Blue is linked to being very effective in increasing wisdom.  Blue relaxes muscles, can lower blood pressure, and have a calming effect on hyperactive children.  Blue causes a slight psychological change which can result in people feeling less hungry.

Purple balances the mind, brings serenity and combats fear.  Purple encourages a connection between people and helps create an awareness of what’s happening around us.  Purple is the color that speaks of royalty. Purple stands out in a crowd yet not in the same way as red.

Pink is a symbol of innocence and beauty.  Pink has a soothing effect.  It also speaks of pure love.  Pink is a romantic color, while red is hot and passionate.  Pink is bright and vibrant; a strong and healthy color.  In the past it has been considered a girly color and quite trendy.

Consider how colors are affecting you and your life right now.  What is your favorite color?  How does it make you feel?  Where can you go to be surrounded by the color that will have the best affect on you at this moment?  Consider what the room looks like where you spend a lot of time.  What underlying message is your brain getting from just being in the room?

Do you spend very much time outside?  The canopy of the sky is blue… the carpet of the earth is green… the yellow of the sun radiates in every nook and cranny.  Blue=peace and tranquility.  Green=relaxing, balance and natural healing.  Yellow=rejuvenation, balance and optimism.

Enjoy all the colors of the rainbow as you treasure the healing effect they can have in your life.
With Love and Compassion,

Ps.  Click here to enjoy a panorama of beauty in a rainbow of colors in An English Country Garden!

Posted Sept. 1, 2009

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