Clouds of Grief and Sunshine Days

Clouds of grief and sunshine days

When clouds of grief come it sometimes seems the sun will never shine again.
Days come and go in this fog of grief and it’s easy to feel out of touch with reality.
It’s almost like you’re living in a daze…

Recently we have been having many many cloudy days… It brought back memories of when my baby died.  Cloudy days were hard.  Crying came very easy and moping around seemed par for the course.  I loved it when the sun shone once again.
It seemed easier to cope with grief when the sun was shining.

Here is a poem/song I wrote.  May it give you courage to keep going through this heart wrenching experience creating beautiful meaning for your life.

Sunshine ~ Sunshine
Sunshine sunshine where did you go?
All I see is fog, ice and snow!
Sunshine sunshine please come out and play
Chase all the clouds and gloom away!

Sunshine sunshine where did you go?
The song in my heart is missing you so!
I’ll just keep singing my troubles away~
Until you come and brighten my day!

Sunshine sunshine shine again for me . . .
Shine through all the clouds I see . . .
Wonder of Wonders!  Oh, can it be?
I saw His Son Shine ~ it’s shining on me!!

Singing, singing, singing,
Shine . . . Son . . . Shine . . .
Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do
Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do
Every morning do, ti, fa, so
When I wake up do, re, me, do
No clouds or gloom
Will stop my song!
So, ti, la, so, fa, mi, re, do!

Written by Susan I. Holsinger
January 22, 2010
© All rights reserved

. . . I will put a new song in your hearts.  Psalm 40

With Love and Compassion Always,
~Susan Holsinger

Dec. 30, 2009

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