Good Grief and You Right now you may be in a fog of grief wondering why the world does not stop so you can make sense out of what is happening in your life. When someone you love dies, it seems as if they are gone forever! They are only a thought away, kept alive by your precious memories. May you be inspired to go on as you read the words on these pages. I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment by clicking on Comments.

I Should Be There

Do you ever think about missed opportunities?  Things you want to do but for whatever reason you know it’s not going to happen right now.  Many times things that happened in the past make us sad and we grieve over what might have been… and we grieve over what should have been… and we grieve over what could yet be in the future we cannot see…

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Question of a Small Child

Children have amazing insights and questions about heaven.  These questions make us think about things we had not ever thought about before.  Here is one question and the simple answer of a child about heaven.

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Colors, Colors, Everywhere!

Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple … the colors of the rainbow.  Colors can play an important role in healing as you go through the grieving process.  Scientists have discovered colors affect how we think and feel.  Did you know red is stimulating and energizing?  Discover the impact colors have on your brain…  Discover the special messages our brain transmits when seeing these colors, what happens when you are in a room with certain colors, and much MORE!

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Tommy Dorsey’s Special Song

Alone… in a fog of grief…falling apart…feeling that God did him an injustice…not wanting to write anymore songs… Tommy Dorsey shares his poignant story. A rich melody came to his soul, healed his spirit, restored his joy. One man’s triumph over the bitter pain of death, grief, intense sorrow, and loss.

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Prayer of a Grieving Heart

Can’t sleep because the wheels of your mind won’t stop turning?!
Have you ever wished for a switch to turn your mind OFF?!
One night my mind was in a whirl thinking about my dear friends whose son had just been killed in a car accident.  He was only 16, full of life and love.
This unwelcome news is a parents worst nightmare.
An unforgettable tragedy!
A life-changing event.

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